The sales pitch is dead

Free Daily TipsMore often than not, your “great sales pitch” is only going to leave your listeners bored and uninterested. While it may be helpful to them to know what you and your business do, listening to your pitch will probably make them feel like they are being advertised to. So, without a pitch, what do you do now? The answer is become a problem-solver. Your client has a buying problem, and you need to be the answer. The secret to finding a solution to a client’s difficult situation is to first let them tell you about it. This can be tricky, because many times the client won’t seem to have any issues at hand. Therefore, you need to help your client envision a better future for his or her business. Typically, this will uncover some roadblocks preventing the transition from how things are to how your client would like them to be. To be an effective problem-solver, your job is to communicate ways to remove these roadblocks and then explain how your services could assist with that. That way you are no longer the annoying salesman but the easy solution to your clients’ problems.

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